Subsidiary Services.

We provide assistance to avail subsidy benefits for green house projects. Our team prepare subsidy application file with necessary required documents by department and prepare the project report and represent our clients to the department for providing subsidy assistance.  

Farmer can get encourage to take up such big investment project with the support of the government subsidy. The subsidy will decrease capital investment cost of project and help to the farmer to survive in the competitive market.

Governments run supporting programs and encourage to development of commercial horticulture i.e. Green House; both the Government of India and the respective state governments are providing various subsidies to supports the farmers.

The green house is project is covered by the scheme of Development of Commercial Horticulture through Production & Post Harvest Management of the National Horticulture Board, Ministry of Agriculture, and Government of India. It provides capital Subsidy of @ 50 % of the project cost, which shall be kept in a separate account by the bank and credited to the loan account at the end i.e. while making the final repayment of the loan.