Color Capsicum

Color Capsicum is one of the most important nutritious and highly remunerative vegetable crop and its is one of the important high value vegetable and enrich in vitamin A, C, and minerals crops cultivated in Greenhouse (Polyhouse). Capsicum known as Sweet pepper, Bell pepper,  and also Solanaceae. It’s raised under the Green house(Polyhouse)  recorded an increased in yield by 340% over that grown under open condition. And superior quality and substantial reduction in the use of pesticides, makes it an economic and eco friendly produce to grow capsicum in naturally ventilated green houses round the year.

Planting of capsicum seedlings at a spacing of 45cm x 30cm and providing with(300:300:300 kg NPK/ha.) 120 per cent of the recommended dose of fertilizers aswater soluble fertilizers through fertigation along with use of growth regulators (GA3 at10 ppm concentration) at weekly interval is recommended to get highest fruit yield of1,100 kg/100m2/ crop (or 110 tons/ha.) realizing a net profit of Rs. 10,100/100m2/year from capsicum under naturally ventilated greenhouse.


Color Capsicum

Sowing Period

June to August, Jan to Feb

Crop Life Cycle

11 Months

No Plants (Per Acre)


Production    (Per Acre)

40 to 60 ton

Average Market Rate

Rs. 15/- to  40/- Per Kg.

Average Income (Per Acre)

Rs. 13,75,000/-