Forced ventilated green house is called fan & pad green house, use of the forced ventilation for greenhouse cooling and air humidity regulation purposes, a controlled environment for growing exotic crops and plants. Fan & Pad green house is with fans for draw air into green house through cooling pads and humidity controlled through foggers system.


Fan & Pad green house is ideal for nursery and also suitable  for exotic crop like Rose, Gerbera, carnation, color capsicum, cucumber and cherry tomato ect.


This system can be use for variety of control strategies to operate ventilation fans. In climate control situations, the operation of the ventilation fans is coordinated with your heating system to maximize energy efficiency. For multi-fan applications, this system regulates the operation of fans based on the current calculated ventilating requirement.


Fans can be operated individually or in groups to achieve varied ventilation rates. Each fan can be controlled using a simple off/on strategy, or with pulse width modulation (PWM). With PWM control, the control system regulates the on/off times as well as the numbers of fans operating to precisely match the current cooling or dehumidification requirements. This results in exceptional temperature control precision. Fan operation can also be coordinated with evaporative cooling pad(s) systems.


For special applications, enhanced programs are available. These powerful, highly flexible programs allow you to easily specify the rules and conditions for fan operation that suit your requirements.



Structure is made up of Top Quality Hot dipped galvanized round pipe of 350 GSM and having wall thickness 2mm and covered with multilayer polyethylene.



  • Greed size 8 X 4 Mtr.
  • Ridge Height 5.5 Mtr. & Gutter Height 4.0 Mtr
  • Reinforcement for wind load of 120 km/hr.
  • Reinforcement for Trellising load of 25 kg/m2
  • Cross reinforcement for better strength
  • Co-axial fan of GI Frame and aluminium louvers, 1.5 HP, 3 Phase, 500 RPM
  • Cellulose pad of 100 mm thickness with anodized aluminium Frame.